Balsawood Glider: Preparing to soar!!

Winning: The Spirit Award

Prosthetic Arm: It seems outta reach!!

Balsawood Glider: Gliding the friendly skies!!

Sponge Activity: Slime and Grime

Prosthetic Arm: Lending a helping hand

Civil Structure: Now that’s under pressure

Unleashing Student Potential

San Jose State University MESA Schools Program provides students with hands-on, engaging opportunities to explore the areas of math, science and engineering. By serving elementary, junior high and high schools in San Jose area, we prepare and motivate educationally disadvantaged students to successfully pursue college-preparatory coursework and promote careers in math and science.

Through MESA, students develop academic and leadership skills, increase educational performance, and gain confidence in their ability to compete professionally. California MESA serves more than 20,000 California pre-college, community college and university students who are educationally disadvantaged. This awarding winning model has an outstanding success rate:

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MESA Schools Program
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San Jose, CA 95192-0099
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