Application Enrollment Process

  • The MESA Center and the schools work together to effectively identify students that meet the
    MESA Student Profile:
    • First generation college bound students
    • Student with an average GPA with potential to excel in Math/Science
    • Groups who historically do not excel in math/science related fields (i.e. women and minority groups)
  • Students must register and complete the online form and return the following to the MESA Advisor:
    • Online Registration Link
    • Parent Authorization Form (signed by parent/guardian)
    • Copy of the most recent official transcripts (if applicable)
    • The MESA Center invites parents and students to attend any orientation session (usually held in the fall semester).
  • Students receive confirmation from their advisor upon their admission into the program.

What is the SJSU MESA Center Enrollment/Application Form Process?

  • Student completes the Online Registration Form
  • Parent(s)/Guardian(s) complete the Parent Authorization Form provided by the MESA Advisor at the school site.
  • Students returns the Parent Authorization Form to the MESA Advisor.
  • The MESA Site reviews all completed forms with advisor & select students.
  • The MESA Site sends list of accepted students to school-site MESA Advisors



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