Scholarships Just For MESA Seniors:

Graduation from the MESA program, as a senior, may qualify you for scholarships, and/or cash incentives, depending on the number of years you have remained active in the program. Continue checking this site for special scholarship/incentive announcements for MESA seniors.

What Needs To Be Done To Apply For Scholarships

Many scholarships require a letter(s) of recommendation. You may consider asking your MESA Advisor to write a letter of recommendation for you. Whoever you ask, be sure to supply a list of extracurricular activities you are involved in, special awards you received, community service projects you volunteered for, or any information you feel would help for this person to best advocate for you. Give this person ample time to create the perfect letter. When possible, provide this person with a description of the scholarship you are applying for.

Many scholarships will have information posted online. Also be sure to check with the Career Center at your school weekly for new postings.

Scholarship Resources & Sites

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