Tech Challenge

Do you like to be challenged? When people say it can’t be done, are you one to find a way to get it done? Are you a team player? Tech Challenge is for you!

MESA students have the opportunity to participate in Tech Challenge every year. Tech Challenge is a design competition for students in grades 5th - 12th.

Every year a new design challenge is created and students are given the opportunity to solve the problem. HOW? Students, along with industry mentors, and MESA advisors work together to design, build and operate a device that can solve the problem. The fun part about Tech Challenge is finding ways to solve the problem with the help of your team mates.

What do you gain from participating?

  • You get the opportunity to work with engineers and other professionals from industry.
  • You have the opportunity to win a variety of prizes and special recognitions such as:
    • Best Entry
    • Grand Prize
    • Best Team Spirit
    • Fastest Device
    • Most Courageous Team
    • Best Looking Device
  • You will exercise your leadership skills by representing the SJSU MESA Site in this competition.

How Can I participate in Tech Challenge?

  • Talk to your MESA Advisor at your school site to get started.
  • Get a team started to participate (maximum of 6 members allowed per team).
  • Suggestion: You can ask five of your friends to start a team with you.
  • Get more information on the Tech Challenge Website.

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