Summer Programs

The summer is an important time for students to catch-up or advance in their academics and enrichment activities. Students should be encouraged to use this time wisely and enhance the information on their academic portfolio.

Here are a few options for students:

  1. Going to summer school at your school
  2. Taking a class at the local community college
  3. Attending a special program
  4. Doing community service
  5. Working for an internship

Middle School Level

MESA Advisors should encourage junior high students to take a math class during summer school, since in order for students to take calculus in high school, students must either start in Algebra 1 or Geometry at the 9th grade level. However, if students start in Geometry at the 9th grade level, they will not need to attend summer school in high school. The chances of taking a math class during high school to advance are very slim. Priority is given to students who need to make up a class. Students must be encouraged at the junior high level to think ahead.

High School Level

MESA Advisors should recommend the following opportunities to their students during the summer. Sophomores could spend some time doing SAT preparation. Juniors could spend this time beginning personal statements, conducting additional college research, and/or sharpening up for the college entrance exams (i.e. SAT I, ACT, and SAT II). Encourage the graduating seniors to purchase their books during the summer and possibly see what resources exist within the university they will be attending.

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